Intellect Infonet is a product based startup company providing multiple products for education institutions. Located in Ahmedabad, India. Intellect has sold its product Xoddler and SkoolCloud to multiple daycares, preschools and K12 schools in India and USA. Our products are aimed at streamlining the overall administration tasks in education system and providing more time to institutions to focus on child's development. Our products also bridges the gaps in communication between schools and parents by providing multiple ways of connecting parents through email, text messages and notifications.

How Company was Born

We are technology savvy people, but at the same time we are parents and when we started sending our kids to daycare and later on to preschools, we realized that there is a big gap in communication between schools and parents and we are missing too many things as kids' are growing up. Also the school administration processes take lots of time of teachers and they are not able to spend more time on kids' development or upgrading their skills. That's when we came up with the idea of using the technology to build a platform which can streamline the overall processes of schools and allows them to focus more on their primary goal of nurturing students. We sat down with lot of teachers, administrators and understood their pain points and requirements and thats where Xoddler was born. It took almost 2 years for us to make Xoddler one of the best and only solution in India to provide the complete comprehensive package for daycares and preschools. Xoddler is constantly evolving as the requirements of the daycares and preschool changes. SkoolCloud is an extension of Xoddler which provides more modules for the K12 school management.

Our Team

Kartik Makati - Founder & Director

Mr. Kartik Makati is a young, motivating and inspiring human being. Mr. Kartik always had the passion for creating something unique in software field and add some value addition to the world. Having completed his B.E in Computer Science from Dharmsinh Desai University, he worked with many multinational companies like Infosys, Mckinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, Prudential Financial in USA. He has close to 13 years of experience working in multinational companies. He always wanted to explore and innovate something new and as his kids went through the different schools in USA and India, he thought education sector is where the IT innovation is required. The inspiration and motivation lead to the amazing product called "Xoddler".

Our Vision

  • Intellect aspirs to automate school administration as much as possible, so schools can focus more on improving the eductation system.
  • Our main objective is to empower schools and connect parents through our products to bridge all the communication gaps
  • Intellect aims to become best software provider for cloud based school management systems.
  • We want to make the lives of students, teachers and parents stress free by providing intuitive products for the early education systems